The Anne Arundel County Office of Information Techbnology came to Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation (AAWDC) looking for candidates to fill technical and professional positions with a focus on Business Analyst, Project Managers and Network Admins. AAWDC’s Cybersecurity/IT Industry Navigator worked with them to devise a customized work and learn solution to fit their needs – staff coordinated with the agency, their IT contractor, and participants to fit the best work and learn placement, and AAWDC administrative staff modified the contractual agreement to fit the unique needs of a government agency. Five CyberWorks candidates were interviewed for the various positions, and one candidate was selected for a work and learn opportunity, working as a Business Analyst. The Department has indicated that they are planning on hiring the candidate after the work and learn opportunity has ended.

The initial process and the skills of the candidate went so well that the department decided to review other candidates. Staff reviewed resumes, set up a special recruitment at the Laurel Career Center, and referred the candidates that aligned closely to the skill sets that the department was looking for. Staff coordinated across initiatives to determine eligible candidates,  Five candidates were interviewed.  The department indicated that two of the candidates met their skill set and they are currently finalizing a work and learn opportunity for at least one of them. The department indicated that working with AAWDC has been a “smooth” process and will continue to work with AAWDC when they are looking for additional staff.