Videos & Webinars

Job Search Strategies - Learn how to leverage today's technology for your job search. A successful job search plan may involve doing many activities simultaneously.  During this workshop you will experience cutting edge technology that drives current trends in the job search and hiring processes. 

Resume Writing: Branding Yourself - What does your resume really say about you? This video will review the purpose of a resume and how to brand yourself in your resume.

Resume Writing: Targeting Your Resume - During this brief video we discuss tips for tailoring your resume to a job description to help you land your dream job faster.

Resume Writing: Choosing the Right Format - Did you know there are three resume format types? Learn the best ways to format your resume for your career objectives in this video

LinkedIn: Building Your Profile Basics - LinkedIn is a powerful tool for network and job search.  This view will teach you the basics of setting up your profile

Recipes for Success

How to Create a Resume That is ATS Compliant - An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  is a software application that electronically handles the screening of resumes for hiring needs and company's recruiting efforts.  

Crafting Your Elevator Pitch - Learn how to introduce yourself and make your pitch in 30 seconds.

Rules for Email Etiquette - Email is on of the most common ways to communicate, explore the rules and guidelines to avoid mistakes and miscommunication.

Etiquette Tips for Business Text Messages - 10 tips on how to use text messaging in a business setting.

STAR Method to Ace Your Interview - Be prepared to answer the difficult questions at an interview.

Federal Application Job Search and Process Resources

How to Apply for Federal Jobs video

Cracking the Code to Your Federal Job Search YouTube channel

Schedule A Hiring through the Federal Government video

Building Your Jobs into the Resume Builder video

Cover Letter Builder