AAWDC has had a positive impact on individuals and businesses alike in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding region.  We assist citizens with identifying and training for new career pathways or improving their skills to advance within their current field.  AAWDC provides businesses with a trained workforce that have the technical skills to meet the needs of Anne Arundel County employers. Using innovative practices, AAWDC is able to ensure that the Anne Arundel County workforce is prepared to meet the needs of the area's growth industries.

Annual Report

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Research & White Papers

Key Elements of Talent Consulting

Talent consulting is an innovative and unique service that AAWDC developed to implement industry sector solutions to talent pipeline challenges.  This white paper explores the key elements of talent consulting including the role of Industry Talent Consultants, AAWDC's Industry Training Model, and the benefits of the model. PDF

Job Access Report, by Ben Cohen

Anne Arundel County has experienced explosive job growth over the last 30 years but like other suburban jurisdictions in the Baltimore Region, Anne Arundel County's public transit infrastructure has not help pace with job growth.  PDF

Industry Navigation by Heather Henry, Chief Innovation Officer

Navigation is a concept that has grown considerably in the last ten years across health and human service industries, and has been an emerging concept in the workforce development industry. AAWDC is utilizing the career navigation approach and expanding its utility into sector strategies.  PDF