Taya Moore is a 20-year-old Out of School Youth participant who was enrolled in the new Construction Academy (CA) in October of 2018. Taya came directly from her Summer Youth internship with the Finishing Trades Union so she brought more hands-on experience than the average CA enrollee. Right away, it was obvious that Taya was different and not just because she is a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Shortly after Taya came on-board, the class, under the direction of Vocational Instructor Kevin Thomas, began a hands-on project in which they built a shed from the ground up.

Mr.Thomas reported, “When it was time to use the nail-gun, the male students were all scared of it even after I showed them, comprehensively, the proper way of safely using it. Taya, who is really quiet, just walked over, picked it up, and started nailing boards like she’d been doing it all her life!”

From that point on, Taya solidified her role as the quiet leader of the class. As the class neared graduation, local contractors began visiting the classes, sharing their experiences and interviewing participants for direct employment and paid internship opportunities. One of these was Bruce Northcraft, the owner of Northern Craft Construction. Bruce was so impressed with Taya’s knowledge and passion for the work that he hired her on the spot. Taya has been working with Northern Craft for two months and has already been given a raise in wages! With the hand and power tools she received from the OSY initiative upon placement, a great company to work for, and an awesome attitude, Taya has a fantastic start to a new career! Carpenter's Helper. 

"Coming to the Construction Academy is the best decision I have ever made!" -Taya Moore during her graduation remarks.