Representing both private and public sector organizations, the Anne Arundel County Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) provides leadership, direction and policy oversight for the workforce delivery system in Anne Arundel County.

Board Priorities:

The Anne Arundel County Workforce Development Board is made up of strategic partners from business, labor, economic development, government, education, and community that lead the workforce development system in Anne Arundel County by:

  • Providing oversight of the County’s workforce funds to ensure wise usage leading to a greater return on investment
  • Guiding business and industry solutions so County businesses remain competitive by hiring and retaining the talent essential to meet their current and future workforce needs
  • Providing insights into the labor market that help County residents meet their full career potential by having the skills and credentials that meet the needs of local and regional businesses
  • Ensuring that Anne Arundel County’s most vulnerable residents receive the services they need to start on a career pathway that leads to self-sufficiency
  • Engineering innovative solutions to address and mitigate the barriers to employment of County residents
  • Overseeing the Anne Arundel County Career Center operations to ensure all visitors receive excellent customer service
  • Developing job-driven workforce development strategies, making Anne Arundel County a leader in job-driven implementation
  • Cultivating the Anne Arundel County workforce development system so that it leads to a positive economic impact on the local and regional economy, making Anne Arundel County the best place

Meeting Minutes and Schedule

  • Click here to access the Board's meeting schedule and materials.

Local Plan

  • The Anne Arundel County Local Workforce Development Board developed the Anne Arundel County Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act Local Plan. You can read the final plan here.
  • For more information about the Local Workforce Development Board, contact

Board By-Laws

  • The Anne Arundel County Local Workforce Development Board By-Laws can be found here.

Workforce Investment & Opportunity Act Vendors

  • ProjectNow LLC was selected as the One-Stop Operator vendor

Meet the Members of the Board