What is High School Apprenticeship?

High School Apprenticeship, like registered apprenticeship, provides students with a unique employment opportunity where they can simultaneously work and learn. Throughout their apprenticeship, students are guided by mentors within the business, acquiring essential hands-on skills that extend beyond the classroom. These skills are not only applicable within the specific business, but can also be transferred to future endeavors. High School Apprenticeships usually begin during the summer or fall of a student's junior or senior year and counts as a completer program in Anne Arundel County.

How does High School Apprenticeship work?

Businesses looking to participate in the High School Apprenticeship program will first identify an occupation they would like to hire apprentices into and then complete an application with the Maryland Department of Labor (MD Labor). After that, the business will meet with MD Labor and Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) and sign MD Labor's Youth Apprenticeship Standards. The application will then be submitted to the Maryland Apprenticeship Training Council for approval. Once approved, the business can hire students into the apprenticeship as needed.

Each apprentice will undergo 450 hours of on-the-job-training with the participating business and one year of related technical instruction with AACPS (if the instruction is not directly available through AACPS, they will collaborate with the business to find a relevant program through Anne Arundel Community College or an outside training provider). Since apprenticeships are W-2 positions and involve skilled work, the business will have the same rights and responsibilities as with a "regular" employee.

There are numerous services available to businesses who choose to participate in the High School Apprenticeship program. Both AAWDC and MD Labor can assist businesses with designing their apprenticeship, whether they choose to utilize an existing model or develop a custom program. Additionally, AAWDC provides support for candidate recruitment and interviews, as well as applying for funding.

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What is the value of High School Apprenticeship for businesses?

High School Apprenticeships offer numerous advantages for businesses, both financially and in terms of cultivating a robust workforce. Integrating apprentices into a company's workforce leads to increased productivity, reduced turnover, and greater employee loyalty, all of which contribute to creating a strong pipeline of skilled talent. Moreover, participating businesses are eligible to receive tax credits of up to $15,000 a year depending on the number of apprentices employed.

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For more information, email apprenticeship@aawdc.org or fill out the form below.

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