Traditional job searching is no longer effective. We can teach you how to proactively campaign for jobs, just like politicians do. Through AAWDC’s Career ReStart training you will develop powerful self-marketing tools and implement strategies that promote confidence and courage that result in rapid employment.

"This was the missing ingredient I need for my next passion.  I can now think Big and move with Confidence.  Thank you guys for this life changing opportunity" - Tara, successful completer

Career ReStart is an intensive course led by a certified trainer where you will:

  • Learn techniques to manage fear, adversity, and your own limiting beliefs and doubts.
  • Learn how to select and land jobs that make you happy and that will give you the quality of life you and your family deserve
  • Stand out and get noticed with professional resumes, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, reference portfolios, and other rapid employment tools and position you as indispensable to employers
  • Create an action plan that will become your GPS to your next job
  • Learn self-marketing skills
"This Is An Amazing Class and I'm putting what I've learned into motion Right Now to get my career dream job!" - Charlotte, successful completer

What to expect:

  • Attend virtual or in-person sessions
  • A new step is introduced at each session
  • Self-paced online assignments that build on what you learned in each session